Declutter Your Work-Life & Improve Your Productivity!

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It’s time to focus on decluttering your work-life and improving your productivity! Here at Easy Simplicity we focus a lot on decluttering and simplifying your home life. But most of us spend many hours of our day at work. It would be silly to ignore that aspect of our lives in our quest for simplifying and living the good life for less!   

So how’s your office or workspace looking?   

Would it benefit from 10 minutes of decluttering? Is one of your desk drawers starting to look like that dreaded kitchen junk drawer – holding a bunch of odds and ends that you will probably never use – or things that you would use if you remembered they were there and could find them?   

Do you have 15 used pens sitting in a drawer – 5 of which don’t even work?   

A white desk with white desk chair and a arge computer screen sowing 13:09

Spending 10 minutes decluttering your workspace could help clear the decks and lighten your load.  

If you’ve got files or other storage areas in your office that have been gathering “stuff,” too, then you might want to schedule a few 10-minute declutter breaks to work on decluttering those as well this week.   

You might be thinking, “But Amy, I barely have enough time to get my work done. How in the heck do you think I can declutter my office as well?”  The key is just taking it in little bite-sized chunks.   

Make it easy on yourself. Just do 10 minutes of clearing out and then get back to work. Go one drawer at a time if you need to.   

Once you get your desk or office organized, you’ll be able to be a lot more productive.

Look at it this way, if you take 5 minutes searching for the file you need for that meeting, or that client letter, or that report from last week, 4 times a week every week, that’s 20 minutes you’re wasting every week. And if it’s happening more often than that…???

Constantly needing to search for things is a total time suck! Get your workspace decluttered and organized and you won’t have to waste that time. You’ll be able to get right to work. Organization is absolutely KEY to productivity!  

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Woman sitting at a table with a laptop and a cup of coffee looking perplexed

But what about the other aspects of your work-life? How are they looking?   

Are you spending what feels like hours trying to compose the perfect email to a client or trying to rewrite, proofread and polish that report that’s going to your supervisor so that it reflects positively on you and your team?  

It’s time to organize and streamline that process as well!  

If you do any amount of writing in your work, whether it’s writing emails, letters to clients, resumes, inter-office memos, reports, evaluations, posts for social media campaigns, you name it, a good editor and proofreader are total godsends! It’s so hard to see your own work with fresh eyes when you’re proofreading and catch little (and even big!) mistakes.   

But if you don’t have a workmate who has the time or the knowledge to be an expert proofreader for you and you don’t have the budget to hire an assistant, you can still outsource this important job and turn out letter-perfect documents that will impress clients and your boss.   

The simple answer to outsourcing your editing and proofreading needs is Grammarly!  

Have you tried it? This program is so awesome and so helpful, it’s like having a professional editor and proofreader at your side as you write. The feedback is immediate and clear so it really saves you time.  

Instant Grammar Checker - Correct all grammar errors and enhance your writing.

Yep – Microsoft Word has a grammar checker and spell checker, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg in getting your documents finalized. How many times have you put out a document that you’ve proofed and that Microsoft Word has “proofed” and as you’re reading it (after the email has been sent or the report has been mailed) you find an incorrect word?

The spell checker didn’t catch it because it is spelled right and it is a word. It’s just not the right one. Arrgh – facepalm!    

It happens to all of us and if you’re in a hurry and slammed with other work you might not ever see the mistakes you’ve made in your writing. BUT, that doesn’t mean no one else is noticing those mistakes. 

 Remember, it is so much easier to catch the mistakes that others are making because we’ve got “fresh eyes” as we read their work.  

Grammarly is like having a fresh pair of eyes on our work whenever we need it! It not only checks for correct spelling and punctuation, it also checks for context. Yes, “environment” is actually a word and it is spelled correctly. But if you meant to write “environmental” rather than “environment,” your report or email isn’t going to read very well.

Grammarly Premium catches little mistakes like this that are so easy to make yet really negatively impact the clarity of our writing!  

You can click the box below to try Grammarly absolutely free! 

The #1 Writing Tool

BONUS, Grammarly is super easy to install and get started with. You can add it to Chrome on your computer by just filling in a little information – name, & email, plus what level you feel your writing is at. Then Grammarly will immediately adjust to give you the type of clear and actionable feedback you need to make your writing professional and letter-perfect!  

The Grammarly Add-in also works great right in Word and Outlook! It doesn’t get much more convenient than that! 

A woman typing on a laptop with a smile on her face

Want to kick your writing up another notch?  

Go-pro! For less than $12/month you can upgrade to Grammarly Premium and get advanced checks for grammar, punctuation, and context. You’ll get writing style checks based on the type of document you are writing.  Plus, you’ll get vocabulary suggestions to polish your writing and make it look and sound more professional.  

You’ll even get easy to understand explanations of grammar rules. That way you’ll stop making the same mistakes because you’ll finally understand what the correct usage is and why. (Take that Mr. Rosen – my high school freshman grammar teacher who made grammar so much more difficult than it had to be!) 

Grammarly Writing Support


The cool thing is that the more you use Grammarly, the better your writing will get naturally as you go along. It’s such an awesome tool! Use the free version to improve your writing OR upgrade to Grammarly Premium to really take things to the next level. It will save you so much time AND boost your productivity. And, honestly, isn’t your career worth it?  

To start simplifying and decluttering your work-life and improving your productivity you have 2 simple action steps you can take today! 

1)  Spend 10 minutes decluttering your desk or workspace.  

2) Add Grammarly as a virtual writing assistant to your “personal staff”! 

You’ll be much more productive because you won’t be wasting time searching for what you need in your work area AND you won’t have to agonize so much over every email, report or memo you write because you’ll have solid proofreading and editing help! Two easy steps to a WIN!

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