50 Powerful Tips for Saving Money & Getting Out of Debt

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 50 powerful money tips to help you improve your saving and spending habits and get you started on the road to financial freedom.

Do you have enough money? That’s a pretty personal question, isn’t it? That’s almost worse than asking if you get enough sex. Money and sex are both kind of “taboo” topics in “polite society.” I would say in our society talking straight out about how much money we do have or don’t have is even more uncomfortable to do for most of us than talking about sex.

Money can be such a hot-button subject between couples and even a subject that we might want to avoid thinking about ourselves if we’re single because we know we probably are spending too much, not saving enough and maybe not earning enough to be able to live and retire comfortably.

So why can’t I just ignore it??

It’s really tempting, isn’t it? BUT despite any feelings of “oh lord I don’t even want to think about my money situation” you might be having, it’s too important to ignore. Money doesn’t have to be a worry all your life. You don’t have to dread the end of the month and wonder if your funds will run out before the bills do. You don’t have to worry about being able to pay for your child’s college tuition. You don’t have to worry about if you have enough to retire on or not.

Because really, all that worry and dread won’t help you one little bit! What will help is taking action! Not sure what to do and how to fix your financial situation?

The first step is evaluating your financial situation using clear and logical vision. Then you need to make a plan.

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To give you some ideas of what you can do to start fixing your financial situation I wanted to share these terrific tips that can help you get your spend less, save more and get out of debt! Because the best way to combat worry is to take action!


No Spend Challenge with an image of a pile of money

Have you tried a no-spend challenge? Check out what Nicole McDonald over at momsavesmoney.net learned when she and her family did the challenge. You don’t have to do it for a whole month. Try it for a week, or even a weekend if a week sounds like too much. I love that idea of a “financial reset” and that’s just what a no-spend challenge can do for you! 

 3 jars partially filled with coins and the words: Eleven Money Saving Hacks to try this year


You probably have already heard of some of these 11 great money saving hacks that Elizabeth Lampman at frugalmomeh.com shares – BUT have you actually done them? Now’s a great time to take action and try them out! 


 A stack of 100 dollar bills with the text 7 money making ideas for moms

Thinking of getting a part-time job or side hustle but aren’t sure where to start because your schedule is tight and you don’t have much time and ALL THE THINGS you have to do? Lena Gott at whatmommydoes.com has some terrific suggestions. They are focused on moms but would be great for anyone who needs a part-time job that’s flexible. There might be one that’s just right for you! 

A desk with the words "How to land your first VA client

If the idea that Lena mentioned above of being a virtual assistant appeals to you. Then Ali from alithehappyva.com has some awesome information on how to get started as a VA! Her tips are super practical and things that will help you begin your own VA business!

 A hand holding 4 credit cards with the words: 7 simple ways to pay off debt quickly

Need to pay off some debt? According to an article by CNBC you’re definitely not alone. In August of 2018 the average American was carrying about $38,000 of personal debt and that’s NOT including a home mortgage. Only 23% of people polled in a study by Northwestern Mutual said they didn’t have any debt. But even though you’re not in the minority if you have debt, wouldn’t rather join the 23%?  Treasure Provost at  treasuredmom.com shares some excellent ideas that will help you pay off debt (more quickly than you might think!) and get back on track financially.

Calculaor with coins and spreadsheets and the words: 10 Do's & Don'ts to help you beat debt

Need some additional ideas and strategies to help you get out of debt and stay out of debt? Diana Fuller at fulloffortunes.com shares these great ideas to keep you motivated and help you through it one baby-step at a time!

A calculateor with the words 7 good money habits that will transform your finances

Christine White at themostlysimplelife.com shares 7 key good money habits that can absolutely change your finances. It takes a little bit of planning and some work. But if you are consistent and do the work you’ll be surprised at how much better your financial situation will be! 

hands typing on a keyboard with the words: 6 tricks for keeping your finances on track

Corrie Cole at www.centsablemomma.com shares 6 terrific tips to help you keep your finances on track this year. Because we all know how easy it is to “fall off the wagon” of our budget and how our financial goals can fall by the wayside when we get tired of trying to save. Hang in there! Keep to your goals! These tips can help!

Live Like a Queen on your 9-5 Pay! Book cover and description.

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Rolls of money with the words: The first 3 Stops to Retiring Rich - 50 Powerful Money Tips

Not sure you’ll be ready for retirement. Here are 3 things to start doing right now to help you secure your future:  First 3 Steps to Retiring Rich (And they’re pretty painless, too!)

A silver case full of stacks of money with the words: Got savings? 11 Smart Ways to Grow Your Emergency Fund

Think your budget is so tight you can’t possibly find a way to start saving for your emergency fund, kids’ college, a new car or new home? Check out these 11 ideas for building your savings account. There’s one in here that I bet you never even thought of before! 11 Smart Ways to Grow Your Emergency Fund

An image of New York City with the words: Lower Your High Cost City

Need something more drastic to turn your financial situation around? Want to create a better life for yourself at the same time?  Eliza from wellnessandwallet.com shares how you can get your finances in order by moving out of your high-cost city. It’s a big step. But it can make a HUGE difference in a short amount of time and potentially even help you retire much earlier than expected! Wouldn’t that be a blessing!

So there you have 50 powerful money tips for getting out of debt and saving for the things you want in life like a vacation or a new car or your child’s college tuition or your own retirement. Money can be tricky to talk about and really depressing to think about when you are in a hole of debt. But the way to get out of that hole and start to feel better is to DO SOMETHING to begin. Even if it is just saving $5.00 a week to start that is something that will add up. When you use the creative ideas and tips in the articles above you’ll be able to do a lot more than that and reach your financial goals even more quickly than you could have hoped for.

The Money Fix Printables Bundle is Here to Help!

Click here for your Money Fix Printables Bundle to help you find your path to financial freedom. In it you’ll find a financial goals worksheet, weekly and monthly expense trackers, a net worth worksheet, and retirement calculation information! Printing out the sheets is one small action that can get you started on the path to creating BIG positive changes in your finances! The worksheets are straightforward and easy to fill out. So go ahead and take action!

You can do it! I’m cheering for you!





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