3 Magical Resolutions for Your Happiest Year Yet! 

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I love this time of the year. January 1st is always a great time to make a fresh start. Many of us set goals and resolutions for the coming year. Some we keep, many we do not. But whether your resolutions revolve around losing weight, gaining weight, getting in shape, running a 5K, making more time for fun, going out with your spouse once a week, keeping your house neater, getting rid of clutter, getting your finances in order or simplifying your life in some other way, I’ve got 3 magical resolutions you’ll want to add to your list to make this year one of your happiest and most successful yet! 

Magical Resolution #1 

M.Y.O.B – Mind your own business.  

Stop comparing yourself and your life to others. Social media sites like Facebook are an absolute menace when it comes to this. 

 Whether you’re reading about your 3rd cousin’s amazing 30-day trip through China or seeing photos of the accomplishments of your best friend’s kids, or whatever, it’s so easy to feel like our lives are pretty dull and unfulfilling.  

This isn’t news to anyone anymore. There have been studies about how social media sites like Facebook can make a person feel unhappy. This article talks a little bit more about how and why this happens: For the first time, researchers say Facebook can cause depression  

So, if you want to stop comparing your life to others you might want to cut back on social media a bit and anything else that invites you to compare your “insides” with someone else’s “outsides.” Remember, most people only put their “highlights” on social media. Most people don’t mention that they’ve been afraid their spouse is having an affair, or that they might lose their job, or that they’ve gained 25 pounds.

Most people only show the good stuff. So, mind your own business and compare yourself only to yourself and the goals you have for yourself. If you are having trouble setting meaningful goals it might be because you’re not really sure what you want. Check out this post 3 Steps to Figuring Out What You Really Want (and Why That’s Important) 

Magical Resolution #2 

A window seat with pillow, candle and cup of hot chocolate on a tray

Watch Your Words 

Your words and thoughts are incredibly powerful. They actually create your reality – not the other way around. It can be difficult to monitor your thoughts and keep them positive because thoughts are so ephemeral. They’re like wisps that float into our minds seemingly unbidden.  

Our words are a little more concrete and can be easier to control. Keep them as positive as you can. If you speak badly about yourself or your situation your subconscious mind is likely to make what you say a reality. The more you complain about your job, the worse it will seem and the unhappier you will be about it. The more you bad mouth yourself, whether it’s because you need to lose 10 pounds or because you never finished college or whatever flaws you feel you have, the bigger those flaws will seem AND the worse you’ll feel about them.  

Keeping your words positive can be difficult, especially if you’re around negative people or have fallen into negative habits. But, WOW, just try it. The more you put aside that negative talk and keep your words positive, the happier you will be. It will make a huge difference. I guarantee it! 

Live Like a Queen on your 9-5 Pay! Book cover and description.


Magical Resolution #3 

A bird on a feeder with a meaningful quote about how these 3 magical resolutions will help make it a great year!

Have a Generous Spirit 

Giving makes us happier than receiving. Many studies have shown this. This article from Time magazine talks about one: The Secret to Happiness is Helping Others . 

However, having a generous spirit isn’t just about giving money to your favorite charities.  It’s about giving others (and yourself) grace.  People are only human. They will make mistakes. We will make mistakes. If we expect perfection from others or ourselves, we are bound to be disappointed. (And repeated disappointment due to our unrealistic expectations is definitely NOT the way to a happier year!) 

Most people are doing the best they can at any given time. We often don’t know what people are really going through on the inside. They may be worried about a loved one, they might be worried about their finances, or they may be depressed or ill themselves. So, if you remember that people are likely doing the best that they can (even if that “best” sucks by our standards) it can help you become more patient and less judgmental. It might even give you ideas on how to help them out somehow.  

A House of No Judgement

Near where we live is a neighborhood of houses that are named. One house always catches my eye as I go by. Its name post says No Judgement. What a house full of grace and acceptance that must be! Every time I see it it’s a good reminder for me to stop judging others (and myself). If I mind my own business and keep my words and thoughts positive I KNOW I am a lot happier each day. I hope that you give these 3 magical resolutions a try and see if they don’t make this a MUCH happier and more successful year for you as well.  

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