10 of the Best Bathroom Cleaning Hacks!

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The self-cleaning bathroom! It’s a dream I have. If you hate cleaning the bathroom like I do it may be a dream of yours as well.  That’s why I’m sharing 10 of the best bathroom cleaning hacks that will keep your bathroom clean with as little work as possible.  

You don’t need to spend $370+ dollars on a self-cleaning toilet (although seriously, I may have to get one of these someday!).  Or remodel your entire bathroom so you can just spray it down with a powerful hose when the family’s done using it! (Also, a thought I have had.) 

There are quick and easy ways to keep your bathroom clean with a minimal amount of work on your part.  

BONUS! At the end of this post there is a link to a set of FREE printables with the recipes for my 6 favorite homemade cleaning products that are less toxic, more environmentally friendly, more economical and super easy to use! Plus, I’ve included printable labels with the recipes right on them. There’s also a fun printable bathroom cleaning chart for the kids to use in their bathroom!   

Bathroom Cleaning Hack 1 – Remove the extraneous.

Take everything extra out of the bathroom. The bathroom isn’t a great place to keep things that aren’t strictly bathroom stuff. So, if you have knickknacks or other stuff in the bathroom that doesn’t belong there that you can house somewhere else, remove it and put it away.  As with all parts of your house the less stuff there is the easier it will be to keep clean.  

A bathroom vanity and mirror with a vase of flowers and a large soaking tub

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Bathroom Cleaning Hack 2 – Clear the decks.

Counter space is at a premium in my bathrooms.  So I don’t have too much stuff “out.” But if you have many items on your bathroom counter, do everything you can to put those items in drawers, in cabinets, or in one big basket.  

If you can take a damp cloth or cleaning wipe and run it over the countertop without having to move a bunch of stuff, you’ll be much more likely to do that more often. And it won’t even be a chore to get done. If you need a better way to organize your under the sink bathroom cabinet space so you have more room this shelf unit is super simple, but makes a big difference in making that space more user-friendly.  

Bathroom Cleaning Hack 3 – Clear the tub/shower. 

Keep shower/bath essentials like razors, shampoo, conditioner, etc. in a shower caddy rather than on the edge of the tub. We have one like this that works great. This is a new kind of caddy I recently saw that looked pretty useful for organizing shower items. The idea here again is to keep bathroom items off the surface areas of your bath so that they are easier to clean and, in the shower, will be less likely to create a dark wet space for mold and mildew to grow.  

Bathroom Cleaning Tip 4 – Keep cleaning supplies handy.

Keep your cleaning supplies right in your bathroom. If your disinfecting wipes are right under the sink you’re much more likely to wipe down the counter and wipe out the sink more often.  

If the cleanser or toilet bowl cleaner is in the bathroom then it will be much easier to spray some in the toilet before you leave for work so it can soak and clean the whole time you’re away. Then when you get home you just need to scrub a little with the bowl brush (kept next to the toilet) and flush and presto, your toilet is cleaned and disinfected.  The Magic Cleaner recipe in the link below works wonders on toilets!  

A bathroom sink and mirror with towels and candles

Bathroom Cleaning Hack 5 – Spray your shower/tub daily.

If you never let the hard water stains and bathroom grime build up in your tub and shower you’ll never have to spend 15 minutes (or more) scrubbing the tub on a Saturday. This is one of those things where an ounce of prevention… well you know the rest.  

This is a commercially made daily shower spray that’s pretty eco-friendly that you might want to try. There’s also a homemade daily shower cleaner recipe that does a great job in the printable linked below.  Just have the last person out of the shower for the day spray it down. (When you begin this practice it’s best to start with a clean shower. This is a maintenance thing rather than a deep clean.)

Bathroom Cleaning Hack 6 – Do quick cleanups regularly to save time and keep it looking pretty.

For example, our bathroom mirror in one bathroom comes right down to the countertop so it often gets splattered with water. So every night after I’ve washed my face (one of the biggest splashing incidents of the day) I take a regular washcloth that I keep on a hook under the sink just for this purpose and wipe down the splashed area. If I see any other spots on the mirror I’ll give them a quick wipe. 

 It’s not hard, it doesn’t leave streaks and I have a clean mirror when I get up every morning with seriously less than 10 seconds of effort. You need to start when the mirror is kind of wet. But I wouldn’t do this when it’s steamed up from the shower. That’s just too much water and ends up leaving streaks. 

If your mirror doesn’t get splashed much and stays relatively clean, just use a spray cleaner on it once a week. Keep the cleaner and some paper towels under your sink so you have them handy. There’s a great recipe for a homemade mirror cleaner that will leave your mirror streak free and shining in the printable below.  

Live Like a Queen on your 9-5 Pay! Book cover and description.

Bathroom Cleaning Hack 7 – Do a quick cleaning of the floor with a Swiffer or similar mop once a week.

You can even use a couple of regular disinfecting wipes on a Swiffer type mop in a pinch. Unless you have a really large bathroom this should only take about 1 minute.  

If you can’t get around the bottom of your toilet with your mop because of the layout of your bathroom, just grab a disinfecting cloth and do a quick wipe up of that area. Then mop your way out of the bathroom. Prefer a homemade floor cleaner? There’s an easy recipe for a floor cleaner that will make your floors look super in the link below. 

White bathroom sink with a lit candle and flower

Bathroom Cleaning Hack 9 – Set a schedule that suits your needs.

Make the commitment to do the following:  

1) Wipe mirror down with a washcloth – if it gets splashed with water – once a day.  Or once or twice a week with a paper towel and mirror cleaner if you don’t get a lot of splashing. (Time – 10 seconds a day. 1-2 minutes per week) 

2) Spray shower daily. (Time 20 seconds a day. 3 minutes per week.) 

3) Wipe down the sink and counter every night with a cleaning cloth. You can also and wipe down the toilet seat area after you wipe your counters every couple of days.  (20 seconds a day. 3 minutes a week.) 

4) Spray toilet bowl cleaner in your toilet before leaving for work 1 or 2 days a week. Then give it a quick scrub when you get home and flush. (Time 1-2 minutes per week.) 

5) Do a quick wet mop of the floor with a Swiffer or similar product (Time 1-2 minutes per week.) 

Image of labels and Bathroom Chore Checklist

Bathroom Cleaning Hack 10 – The kids/spouse/roommate can help! 

Kids can learn to spray down the shower after the last one uses it and wipe down the mirror with a washcloth designated for that task each night. I think I can recall scrubbing the toilet at a relatively young age, too. So feel free to distribute the chores amongst the kids if you’ve got a kid’s bathroom that’s always a mess. There is a  free downloadable bathroom cleaning chart is in the printables linked below. 

Staying on top of things means that your bathroom is pretty much always clean and company ready. It also means you don’t have to dread facing a yucky bathroom each week. In 10 minutes or less a week, these 10 bathroom cleaning hacks will help you keep your bathroom sparkling clean, no fuss, no muss! 

Click here to get my favorite bathroom cleaner recipes list (that will be handy in the rest of the house as well), the free printable labels with recipes right on them, and the free printable bathroom chore chart for the kids (or your spouse if you want to try to get them on board! ???? ) 

These 10 bathroom cleaning hacks will simplify your bathroom cleaning. If you’re looking for ways to simplify other areas of your life this resource is a great place to start:



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